Accidentally cutting your dick while trimming is literally the worst

lets talk u sexy mofos

Cigarette run looks

Cigarette run looks


Did i really think eating a handful of raspberries while wearing my new suede jacket was a good idea??

Ugh how do i get rid of this stain

Anonymous said: You are sitting in the John Hancock building and that view is of navy pier?

yes. i live in chicago

its so sad how someone can be so beautiful and still so insecure

life update: i love where i live (chicago) and i have a job i have no problem getting up in the morning for. i also got a fake id

life update: it is good


I miss florida


I miss florida

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"Keep in mind: not everyone you lose is a loss." by ten-word-story, #62 (via acupofkeen)

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omg the amount of attention i got when i was walking my friends dog yesteday

i need one of my own asapĀ 

Lol im so dramatic I love it
I think I just referred a friend canceling plans as a “letdown”