Thunder road


I miss florida


I miss florida

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i was on a date last sunday and all he talked about were the things he dislikes or hates

he told me he likes Heineken, thats it

"Keep in mind: not everyone you lose is a loss." by ten-word-story, #62 (via acupofkeen)

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omg the amount of attention i got when i was walking my friends dog yesteday

i need one of my own asapĀ 

Ew I hate it when my friends apologize for me like no I meant to be rude

Lol im so dramatic I love it
I think I just referred a friend canceling plans as a “letdown”

honeysoaked laugh ur ass out of my posts and continue ur participation in exaggerated social justice issues.

honeysoaked go back to ur bitter, angry world and forget my existence thanks

Flaky bitches need to be shipped off to gas chambers.

I try my hardest to be positive and not be so pessimistic and cynical but how can I keep up when I face so many let downs??

Astrid Andersen S/S 2015.

Astrid Andersen S/S 2015.

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